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Daycare Outdoor and Play Areas

When running a daycare centre, keeping the kids in your care, their parents, and your staff safe and healthy is a high priority. Any outdoor area exposed to the elements is open to the potential of bird droppings, as well as the general build-up of dirt, dust, mud and other organic matter.

In some areas, this build-up can also cause mould and mildew. Depending on the type of footpaths at your facilities, as well as any vehicle access and parking areas, staining and scuffing can also occur.

We are capable of cleaning play areas, equipment and floor surfaces, as well as your centre’s building exterior, roof and guttering. We use a variety of specialised equipment to suit your job requirements in order to ensure the best possible result for your facility while ensuring staff and patron safety as a priority.

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Daycare Facility Entrance Before and After
Aged Care Outdoor Areas

Deserving of our utmost care and respect, any outdoor areas used by the elderly need to be kept as clean and safe as possible to prevent illness and injury, not just to the residents, but to visitors, and all staff either employed at and contracted by these facilities.

Most commonly requested is the cleaning of external walls, roofs, guttering, concrete, footpaths and patio areas, however we can also clean retaining walls, fixtures, outdoor seating and benches. Extra care and attention is paid as we understand that some elderly residents may use mobility aids.

We select the appropriate equipment and water pressure levels to suit each job in order to obtain the highest possible outcome while also protecting the facility, its residents and staff. At Pressure Clean Me Bundaberg, the happiness and health of our customers is one of our top priorities.

Sports Courts and Facilities/Complexes

Are you the owner, or facilities manager, of a tennis or basketball court? Maybe you own or run an outdoor sports complex, such as a football ground or race track? Sporting facilities with external access are exposed to the elements, whether it be directly or indirectly, and are also accessible to birds, resulting in a build-up of dirt, mud, food and beverage staining, gum, mould, bird droppings and more.

At Pressure Clean Me Bundaberg, we can clean not only your roof and guttering, but remove gum deposits, bird droppings, and clean dirt, mould, mud and scuffing off of not just your courts, but building exteriors, concrete pathways and access areas, permanent furniture, fittings, fixtures and more.

The type of equipment we will use depends entirely upon the job requested. Regardless of what is used, we will clean the required area to your satisfaction whilst maintaining any paint and line-markings.

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Basketball Court Before and After
School Facilities and Outdoor Areas

Children are incredibly energetic, always running around, from grass to dirt to concrete to pavers and back again, sometimes with food, drinks, and school or art supplies in their hands that can spill and stain. This constant foot traffic can cause a build-up of mud, dirt, mould and other types of staining. Bird droppings can also collect on these surfaces, particularly in areas where there are overhead beams for birds to perch.

These build-ups can present a health and safety hazard, and can occur on play equipment and other school facilities such as sports courts, not just footpaths and pathways. We can help keep these areas clean and safe for staff and students alike. We can also clean roofing, guttering and building exteriors around your school, with high rise buildings not an issue.

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