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Commercial Services

Building Exteriors (including High Rises)

Creating the best possible first impression for potential customers will not only help to draw them in, but keep them coming back. Having a clean building exterior can aid in creating the best possible first impression for your business. Keeping the exterior of your business clean will also ensure the health and safety of your staff and patrons, and help to slow building deterioration.

Regardless of your business type – retail, hospitality, service station and more – we can remove any staining and build-up of dirt, grime and mould on your building. If your business is a high rise, this is not an issue. Our skill, training, years of experience and specialised equipment can accommodate your needs.

Your business is important to you, and as such, it is important to us. Our services will be carried out with a level of care and professionalism befitting this belief to protect your property.

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Building Exteriors
Concrete Cleaning

Many businesses have concrete in and around their place of operation. If you’re looking for a service to restore your concrete walkways, outdoor sites and vehicle access areas, look no further.

Our commercial concrete cleaning services can remove the usual dirt, dust and grime build-up from vehicle and pedestrian traffic. We can also remove oil and petrol staining, such as those experienced at service stations and concrete parking areas, food and beverage spills and stains, as well as bird droppings to name a few more.

Achieving the best results against the toughest of stains, we will leave the concrete in and around your business looking clean and fresh, creating a positive impression for new and repeat customers, as well as reducing health and safety hazards.

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Pathways and Sidewalks

Pathways and sidewalks external to any business are often open to the elements, with some experiencing more foot traffic than others depending on their location. It is also common for these pathways and sidewalks to be utilised by prams, bikes, skateboards, motorised scooters and so on.

Similar to driveways, this exposure to the elements, as well as pedestrian and "small vehicle" usage can result in a build-up of dirt, mud, organic matter, mould and more. Engaging the services of a pressure cleaner not only helps ensure the cleanliness and aesthetic of your pathways and sidewalks, but will also aid in reducing health and safety hazards.

Whether your pathways and sidewalks are concrete, brick or paved, we can help you, and will leave your pathways and sidewalks clean, fresh, and pleasing to the eye.

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Pathways and Sidewalks
Roofing and Gutters

Aside from the general exterior of the building, another fixture that can draw people’s attention and have them forming a first impression is the state of a roof and its guttering. Keeping your business’ roof and guttering clean shows your pride and care in the service you provide to the public, creating a positive first impression.

Ensuring that your guttering remains clean and clear of clogs can prevent damage and increase longevity. This service can also reduce the potential for water to overflow during storms, creating less debris for clean-up and reducing slipping hazards.

Regardless of shape or size, high or low set, we can help you, our training, licensing and years of experience preparing us for a variety of scenarios. Rest assured, you can leave your property in our skilled, capable hands.

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Commercial Roofing and Gutters
Driveways and Carparks

If your business has a driveway or carpark that is regularly frequented, whether by staff or patrons, over time this vehicle traffic will cause a build-up of dirt, mud, gravel, oil and more. Having cars parked in the same spaces day in, day out, increases the likelihood of oil, tire and other chemical staining.

Rain and simple hoses can only provide a surface wash to these areas, they will not remove the deepest stains or penetrate to the deepest layers of build-up. That is where we come in. Using our specialised equipment and training, we will get your business' driveways and carparks cleaned to your satisfaction.

Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery such as those used on farms and construction sites can, over time, develop a build-up of dust, dirt, grime and various other matter and materials, organic and otherwise, depending on their use. This can impact on their performance and potentially cause damage if this build-up affects the machinery’s operational systems and mechanisms.

Our pressure cleaning service can remove these build-ups, and clean and restore the exterior of your machinery. This service is limited to a select type of heavy machinery, with the type of pressure cleaning equipment used dependent upon the machinery being cleaned. Please give us a call or follow the link below to email us and enquire if we can cater to your heavy machinery needs.

Warehouses, Factories and Sheds

Warehouses, factories and sheds are exposed to all manner of chances for staining, scuffing, dirt, mud, mould, mildew and more, whether they be industrial or agricultural. Build-ups of dirt, dust, mould, staining and more, can result in health and safety hazards for employees and any visiting members of the public, customers, or partner companies.

Our pressure cleaning skills and variety of equipment can restore the walls, roofing and flooring of your warehouse, factory or shed. This is a limited service due to the scale and nature of some warehouses, factories and sheds. Please give us a call or follow the link below to email us and enquire if we can cater to your cleaning needs.

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